Does your work travel schedule have you landing in NY on Tuesday, stopping by Chicago on Wednesday, and circling back through St. Louis on Thursday only to end up at a meeting in Seattle by Friday morning? Avoid travel whiplash and maybe even relax (a little) on your next trip by following these business travel tips.

Pre-pack a travel bag

If you travel often, save all the time you spend packing toiletries into TSA-approved mini containers by keeping a travel bag packed at all times. Packing will be a breeze when you can just grab your bag and go.

Pack comfort clothes

You may think you don’t want a pair of tennis shoes and sweatpants, but pack them anyway. This is something that you will not regret, and you’ll be patting yourself on the back when you get home from a stressful day of meetings and just want to walk around outside in a shoe without a heel or polished toe.

Stop, fold, and roll

Everyone has their own approach to maximizing space while packing. A great way to maximize space for clothes is to fold shirts and pants neatly and then roll remaining clothes to fill in the corners of your bag.

Skip bag check

If you’re headed out on a shorter trip, try to pack lightly enough to fit everything you need into carry-on bags. This will save you time during departure and arrival, and you’ll also avoid any potential lost bag stress.

Buy checkpoint-friendly bags

Consider investing in a carry-on bag that is specifically designed so you can keep laptops and other electronics in your bag when you go through security checkpoints. It may only save a couple minutes, but you’ll be thankful that you won’t have to pack and unpack your bags while you put your shoes back on and try to find your belt.

Take an in-flight breather

Though it may be tempting to squeeze in that last bit of work during your plane ride, consider using that time to disconnect and unwind. Whether you prefer to read, watch a movie, or just take a nap, downtime before a stressful, high-energy business situation may do you more good than you realize.

Cash in on pre-check and frequent flyer programs

Most airlines offer some sort of frequent traveler program that gives you access to more amenities, shorter wait times, and fewer inconveniences overall. Sign up for pre-check whenever you have the option, and security checkpoints will be a breeze. If you consistently travel with one airline, it may pay off to check into their rewards programs as well.

Keep important documents at hand

Stack your passport, ID, and any other important documents together and keep them together as much as possible, especially at the airport. You may think you will remember that you stuck your passport into your back pocket and that your ID is in that one pocket in your other jacket, but you probably won't. Keeping everything in the same place will save you a major headache later.